About Us

The Savannah Cavaliers was birth out of faith, compassion, love, and over thirty years of experience. By living and standing on the word of God, putting the Lord into action daily allows the manifestation of the Savannah Cavaliers.

The Savannah Cavaliers was established in June of 2013 by Dennis & Velma Green. The Savannah Cavaliers is family owned and operated by Dennis, Velma and their children. “We’re Not New to This, We’re True to This,” the slogan based off of the foundation of the Savannah Cavaliers, who have developed from youth to adult sports.  Pillars in the city of Savannah, Dennis & Velma Green have devoted many years to bringing positivity into their surrounding environments. The Savannah Cavaliers serves as a platform to develop, define, and master the skills of basketball and life, as a player and an individual, within their community.